Thursday, March 13, 2008

Latest happenings that I forgot

Last weekend was an art show so I entered three. Victoria, Suspicious of Mischief, and Gourd Lifer. Two of these are pictured on this page below. First Second, and Third place in Professional division. Haven't taken a pic of them so maybe later.

Sprung Forward

Another season has passed me while flitting about with the March winds that arrived in late Feb. Think I flew out of the landscape cause for the life of me I can't seem to get to blog as one should!
Pictured here is moi & her ex student & ex co worker! Gee, how many times does a teacher get to teach a child ,then see that child grown & eventually work with that child? Well I feel fortunate for having" influenced" her so much that she remains a friend thru all these years. Over 30 yrs. ago , a safe estimate but probably more. She's retired now as well . Two years to be exact. I put in 37 years & she put in 31. Amazing isn't it?