Saturday, April 26, 2008

Last weekend

Last weekend was our automata workshop with NIADA artist Kathy Walmsely. It was wonderful & inspiring even though I have not finished mine as yet. It was very tiring with driving in the traffic on Friday. That along with a sleepless night took a mighty toll. 

The highlight was the fabulous birthday dinner & party arranged by my adopted daughters: Susan, Mary, Neva, and Trudi. They had this gathering at an Italian place nearby. They ordered PIZZA which I had never had at a birthday party. Mary baked a cake with the tallest, skinniest candle I've seen. Yep, managed to blow it out. : ) They had me wear this funny hat shaped like a cake with candles on top. It was hilariously funny as it was too small for my big head.LOL... 

There were cards & gifts, all of which overwhelmed me with their "generosity and love". What a warm surprise which brought forth tears of joy . I can never repay those involved for making my 75th day so memorable. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fabulous News!!!!!

Guess me insides are a bursting & hope that this doesn't burst my bubble of delight by posting it here! A letter arrived in a plain brown envelope like a paper sack brown which I happen to love! In this plain brown wrapper was a letter that invited me to attend the third & last stage of full artist membership in ODACA. WOWeeee ! U know at first it really didn't sink in but now after several days the impact has suddenly hit home base in this crazy noggin! Yes, I'm honored , excited, and wondering how I can manage the days til July 26 without having a heart attack!  : )

 Also am working on my latest gallery offering for the Artful Corner. They desire a Gourd figure so have it almost ready.... due next week. 

Then there is this 3 day workshop ahead starting Fri. EEEK ! Am I ready ? Hardly & yes , who knows? Is that confusing? Ok ,Ok, will post a pic soon if I remember how to get it into this machine!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fantastic Day!

April 5th was one of those days filled to the brim. It started with a broken wrist here for "Dreamer" as he was in his suitcase to go to Art at the GALVEZ. "Devious" stepped in & took his place. We arrived about 10:30 without any other mishaps. The registration went smoothly but GAL had goofed & ran out of tables for the categories so they were one category short but didnot affect what I registered for.Powers in charge opted to lump D with F which made an impressive TAODA showing.

Since our help was not needed Joyce P. and I opted to kill a little time til presentation of awards. I wasn't expecting any at this show since these characters had been there before without any ribbons bestowed on them. They were chatting with the other entries when we left to drive & explore the seawall changes. OH MY GOSH! Hard to imagine what used to be there as I remember walking under Murdocks, using the bath houses when a child.

Joyce & I opted to eat lunch at Guido's .That wonderful eatery with the blue crab on the roof. The lunch was absolutely devine with much laughter from us as we ate, chatted & viewed the surf. Joyce saw heads bobbing in the distance. For the life of me I never saw any heads but surely they were there??? This was the most enjoyable lunch I have ever experienced as we spent a couple of hours digesting our morsels & thoughts. Thanks to Joyce as she treated me to this as my 75th celebration of life! What a wonderful gift!The very best is eating with friends as this is a life gift that does not compare with anything else in the world. Again, many thanks.

Return to the GALVEZ and awards. Marsha greeted me at the door with a hug & CONGRATULATIONS! WHAT is this? Unbelievable! Ambling to the back where the entries are all grinning & leering at me I spot the ribbons. Joyce has a green which in reality would have been a third, Marsha's new E.J TAYLOR influence a red, then here's Hamadryad with a blue with First, & "DEVIOUS" wickedly playing with another blue for BEST OF CATEGORY. I think he must have had a high time playing jokes while we were gone. OH , yes, at the awards I received cash for Devious which will be his & others taxi fare costs.LOL

The juror critiqued the sculptures last with glowing remarks , hopefully with insights on what makes a sculpture inviting to the eye. Personality characterized along with elements of design?

About 5 , we were finally ready to pack. Next stop TEXAS CITY. 3 characters there were hob nobbing with the viewers, musicians, and food attendees. I met old art friends and was introduced to many new art patrons. Food was available but I was still stuffed from lunch so consumed sparingly of all. Competition is stiff as they only have 4 divisions. Sculpture is mostly fired arts. "Suspicious of Mischief" was happy watching the band , food, and John Campbell . CASH Awards presentation began about 8:30. Two of my friends received cash in our shared category so we were all happy to receive ours. Suspicious received a gorgeous third place ribbon earning top dollars.

Finally , time to make tracks home. Tired from the day but very happy & slept soundly . Today, have filled out the entry form for those two to be added to the Lone Star Art Guild Convention in May. That is now 5 entries.

This week the kids in TX CITY will come home. Art League in Baytown has their spring show also so will juggle time to help & register 4 more different characters from the fantasy community in the Art Haus. They say they are ready . We'll let u know how they behave by next weekend.

Friday, April 4, 2008

I've been tagged

This is new for me to be tagged except when as a child we played TAG, YOU'RE IT. The requirement here is we are supposed to tell 5 things about ourselves thus:
1.I Love to laugh & joke .
2.I 'm not a youngster in age but in spirit think I can do almost anything if I try which may be a downfall. Still have great aspirations for life.
3.Art in any medium is my love & being creative.
4.Next priority in my life is NATURE & being outdoors as I don't function well restricted to  a cave.
5. I DREAM,Imagine wildly,create as my muse dictates, learn new things often, renew the spirits, and compete artistically.I'm not obssessive with the competitiveness but do it as a means of reviving the art spirits.