Wednesday, July 30, 2008

AFTERMATH of a special LIFE event

We are home again from Las Vegas & the final stage of ODACA 's standards committee. Yes, we TAODA artists that had applied & suffered the long processes can howl with victory ! Now it was a fantastic journey with a goal for us to attain the recognition & status of such a prestigious doll organization. Proud peacocks are crowing & on cloud 9.

The luncheon was a delight with an excellent program, delicious food,favors, drawings, and a souvenir doll created by Maryanne Oldenberg. Wow! Then table favors were given & a centerpiece doll by Deanne Hogan was won. I didn't win any but drooled anyway. 

The sales room was crowded by UFDC attendees , ODACA members , and the public.Great learning experience & interesting people present who collect dolls.As a new ODACA artist I can truthfully say that I'm looking forward to next year already. The drawback was having to miss NIADA & seeing more of Vegas other than casinos. Those one arm bandits are not a personal favorite for eye candy!  

Thursday, July 17, 2008

VEGAS here we come!

This time next week we will embark upon this trail to new venues & journey into new art doll directions. The figures are packed & ready to embark if their carrier can get her feet to moving. Are we excited to be seeing the bright lights of Vegas after many years of hibernating in another world? Last visit was at the TROPICANA which was wonderful & fascinating. This trip it will be at the BALLY's & hope it will be comparable in comfort. 

We're coming out of our shell & its' so hard to do that when shooting for new horizons at our age. 

VEGAS here we come!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

New Elf

This is "NOT ME". Do u believe him?

Wanna Dance?

New Gourd !

Pics that have been slow

Time to show these:This is my ribbon fae. She works in a thread & ribbon shop when no one else is present. The ribbons don't always cooperate as she gets confused while cutting & winding them onto their spools. 

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth of July

No fireworks for me! I did finish a new fae .As usual a pic is needed but get distracted & then forget to do that task. I'll trot over to Art Haus & do that soon. Have packed some for the trip to Vegas but am still debating which & how many? Keeping my fingers & toes crossed makes it difficult to do chores & bear with me as I amble along.