Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One year later ,can't believe it!

I've returned from an extensive trip to Wisconsin. In July I drove to Chicago for ODACA & UFDC. This past trip was for TAODA's doll exhibit in Cedarburg Quilt Museum. I've tried to upload some pics here but can't get to them since new program puts them in I Photo . Uploader only shows the pictures division , not the ones in i PHOTO> UGH! Hopefully I can find a work around to this feature on another day. So very tired today & frustrated.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Too much SAD NEWS

It is WiTH a heavy heart that my friend ,Marsha, has lost her only child even tho he was 40, it's still is a LOSS to the parents. The living must strive forward at all costs.

On the same day ,I lost one of my art friends in La Porte. When she & Ralph moved here from LA , they were hoping that their new place in La Port would be a success. I took several classes in their new studio & gallery. It 's a marvelous learning experience as they developed using overhead photography so all could see demonstrations. Johnnie Liliedahl will be missed by thousands of us who knew her as a wonderful teacher of old masters painting. Google her & view some of her masterpieces. Rest in peace, dear one. The struggle is over & heaven is home . Every rainbow we see will remind us where u are now without pain & we'll see your ever smiling face.

I can't believe how good intentions of getting some productive art work is jolted , put aside due to household problems that arise. Was in the bath running hot water earlier & couldn't figure what the heck!No HOT water! Checked in utility room & was greeted with a flood. The plumbers just left , so here I am awaiting hot water to finish the bath from the new hot water heater, Why do bad things come in at ONE time? I hardly know what to expect each day. Thanks the lord I wake & am still alive with each dawn whether ir is raining or dry. Prefereably sunshine to brighten the day .

Monday, August 31, 2009

Lost months

September here already with fall colors not far away. All my travel plans went astray since April 28th. On that date I suffered a bad sprained right knee. Didn't think a lot about it until reinjurying it on May 11th. Ended that day in ER in huge pain & no knowledge of the damage. As MRI tests revealed some two -three weeks later ,the ligament was torn. Surgery was scheduled finally & the road to painsville increased with all kinds of set backs. Unable to drive , much less walk unaided ,travel plans to Atlanta,GA were cancelled. Next were Colorado plans also not being a GO! Unhappy camper here as I bought a new car back in Feb. in preparation for these travel plans.The new Ford Flex sits in the garage as I moan & groan waiting til I can drive it long distances. I had contemplated going to TN for NIADA 's conference but as of today's struggle to just get groceries, I see the handwriting on the wall. The leg is still paining me thus long distance driving will be on hold. I tried yesterday to sew on the machine but that foot pressure caused discomfort & pain last night. UGH! Maybe by Christmas , walking won't be a task & challenge . One can only hope for better days. The surgeon's RX has NOT helped with that stab & inside strain. Will see him again later this week so am wondering what he will blame it on next. Maybe a doll will result from this experience or a painting????HMMMMMMM.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

1550 Gallery Kerrville ,TX

The show has ended & what a pleasant surprise on pick up day. Victoria (SEE BELOW) has a new home in Kerrville with a very nice lady. My step sis drove me there all in one long day .8 hrs. on the road & we hardly knew how many miles had passed. She stated she wasn't tired as the new car's seats are so comfortable & adjustable to your body plus the ease of driving this vehicle is pleasurable rather than a task. I injured my driving leg so had to have a chauffeur.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's SPRING time & runny noses!

Can't believe I have NOT been here since last year??? I'm sure I posted but probably lost it, & whatever else sense I possess. LOL Latest doings : Figures are now in several venues, 1550 Gallery in Kerrville ,TX, Clute art Gallery in People's Choice, TX City Art Festival, and then in Baytown this week. I'm running out of figures & creation time has been slow or non existing. I went to MG retreat in Feb. While there I watched several demos. When I got home I was inspired to workso set my sites on learning a new technique. It was successful. I'm now bogged down in costuming once again . Costuming realistically as one sews for themselves is that BLOCK for me each time I decide to try again. I did make a coat for myself & that helped me to make a coat for Dr. DewLittle. He wears it well.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Before & After

It snowed here in south TX on Dec. 11! Amazing as never before have I seen 5 inches here. The holidays have been busy as friends arrive for visitation, organizational parties to attend with huge amounts of mirth! 

My friend , Gail Lackey honored me with a gift that arrived today . It's her small album of ghosties which I adore. 

Victoria sneaked her puss in here where she does not belong . She didn't see the snow or get involved in the festivities of the season. More is forth coming.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Still in recovery mode

Here it is into another MONTH with everyday filled with workers & work of one nature or another. My furnace had to be replaced with a brand new unit totally. At 17 yrs. old & numerous repairs to exchangers or replacements it had lived long enough. Hopefully the new one will fare better than the old. One garage roof has been torn off & replaced with a new one. Solar screens have been created & installed once again. Skirting has been mended. Next more roofs to be mended or replaced. I'm saving the big fence til last as the tree is holding it in place. Thank goodness for it. This has been one expensive hurricane for me. My savings has shrunk too much for a new car purchase. I don't fore see saving enough in 2009. So goes life!

Maybe I can play tomorrow for a few hours. Quilt festival set up is next week & the dolls must be packed & ready to roll. No Gypsy entry ready this year. Maybe next yr. I won't be able to attend Quilt festival to shop as I have in the past years. Boo hoo! Just get to go on Sunday to pick up the dolls from exhibit. Boo hoo ,boo hoo.