Sunday, April 29, 2007

April & older

Hope u enjoy Krystal , faerie keeper of crystals as she is holding natural & manufactured.She is all wire,paper,& threads. Fabric on legs & hat.

74th birthday occurred this month with cards ,gifts, and friendship love.
Thank u for another day on this planet .The universe is glorious with the new blossums & earth renewing its soul.


lovestowearhats said...
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lovestowearhats said...

Donna, I just deleted my last comment because it was ucky! (my profile name) - I LOVE Krystal and I'm sure everyone else does too, wow!! Sure miss you! Digging through your website now :) Love, Lisa in Trinity

Donna's Musings said...

Thanks Lisa! Krystal was fun to create in paper machie.

Unknown said...


We are frenck artcrafters, making some pixies in clay. I discover your creation by the Brian Froud' s web site. It's simply marvellous !!

Thanks for your work !

Kind regards,