Friday, August 15, 2008

Dolls for Critique

This is in Las Vegas, NV in July when we went for the third stage of artist membership into ODACA. My fat belly wasn't part of the critique,thank goodness. The three were happy to be there and my fat face shows my happiness in being accepted. This image isn't the greatest but I wanted to share it as Joyce Patterson, ODACA, was kind enough to do the photography. 

Onward to create some new figures. I finished one and it is with three others in a juried show in Brazosport, The Center for Arts & Sciences. The reception is Aug. 23 at which time awards are presented. I'm not expecting any but will enjoy being there. My philosophy regarding competitions is "It's an honor to be juried in as there are hundreds of entries, so being selected is honorable since those selections are limited in number and quality."My doll friends, Joyce Patterson and Janet Bodin also have entries there so we will cheer one another on being present. 

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João Esteves said...

Your art is "competitive" in its own right, to be sure. Beautiful work, judging from the photos. Your sense of humor is one more asset to your blog. From Brazil, my appreciation.