Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's SPRING time & runny noses!

Can't believe I have NOT been here since last year??? I'm sure I posted but probably lost it, & whatever else sense I possess. LOL Latest doings : Figures are now in several venues, 1550 Gallery in Kerrville ,TX, Clute art Gallery in People's Choice, TX City Art Festival, and then in Baytown this week. I'm running out of figures & creation time has been slow or non existing. I went to MG retreat in Feb. While there I watched several demos. When I got home I was inspired to workso set my sites on learning a new technique. It was successful. I'm now bogged down in costuming once again . Costuming realistically as one sews for themselves is that BLOCK for me each time I decide to try again. I did make a coat for myself & that helped me to make a coat for Dr. DewLittle. He wears it well.

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