Monday, August 31, 2009

Lost months

September here already with fall colors not far away. All my travel plans went astray since April 28th. On that date I suffered a bad sprained right knee. Didn't think a lot about it until reinjurying it on May 11th. Ended that day in ER in huge pain & no knowledge of the damage. As MRI tests revealed some two -three weeks later ,the ligament was torn. Surgery was scheduled finally & the road to painsville increased with all kinds of set backs. Unable to drive , much less walk unaided ,travel plans to Atlanta,GA were cancelled. Next were Colorado plans also not being a GO! Unhappy camper here as I bought a new car back in Feb. in preparation for these travel plans.The new Ford Flex sits in the garage as I moan & groan waiting til I can drive it long distances. I had contemplated going to TN for NIADA 's conference but as of today's struggle to just get groceries, I see the handwriting on the wall. The leg is still paining me thus long distance driving will be on hold. I tried yesterday to sew on the machine but that foot pressure caused discomfort & pain last night. UGH! Maybe by Christmas , walking won't be a task & challenge . One can only hope for better days. The surgeon's RX has NOT helped with that stab & inside strain. Will see him again later this week so am wondering what he will blame it on next. Maybe a doll will result from this experience or a painting????HMMMMMMM.

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Mayra René said...

hELLO Donna, I am so happy to know your job, your dolls are very beautiful
I think you're very lucky to have so much talent and creativity. Congratulations you-
I send you many greetings from Mexico