Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Still in recovery mode

Here it is into another MONTH with everyday filled with workers & work of one nature or another. My furnace had to be replaced with a brand new unit totally. At 17 yrs. old & numerous repairs to exchangers or replacements it had lived long enough. Hopefully the new one will fare better than the old. One garage roof has been torn off & replaced with a new one. Solar screens have been created & installed once again. Skirting has been mended. Next more roofs to be mended or replaced. I'm saving the big fence til last as the tree is holding it in place. Thank goodness for it. This has been one expensive hurricane for me. My savings has shrunk too much for a new car purchase. I don't fore see saving enough in 2009. So goes life!

Maybe I can play tomorrow for a few hours. Quilt festival set up is next week & the dolls must be packed & ready to roll. No Gypsy entry ready this year. Maybe next yr. I won't be able to attend Quilt festival to shop as I have in the past years. Boo hoo! Just get to go on Sunday to pick up the dolls from exhibit. Boo hoo ,boo hoo. 

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Gail Lackey said...

Hey Mumsy,
Looks more like you need a new boat instead of a car!! Nice to see your still here!!
Huggies, gail