Monday, May 5, 2008

Rainy Day May 5

Slow start as it poured buckets of rain today. After lunch I went to Art Haus to work awhile. Making slow progress on several but getting close to a final embellishment on one. It has a lot of hand sewing . Hopefully the rest turns out well. It started as an elf clown but I couldn't make bright colors work for costuming so got the idea of a B&W color scheme but that back fired on me. 

I'm also working on a gourd figure here at kitchen table as I have better lighting. Some days at Art Haus it seems I can't see to work especially black on black . I lose my thread & needle fast. Sculptying in paint room hasn't been going well so back to kitchen table here at home. Legs are shaping well even tho it's slow drying clay it does well with the gourd & doesn't separate like polyclay does when baked on the gourd.

Got some new books:
1. The crafting of Narnia, the Art, Creatures, and Weapons from the WETA workshop
2. Action Anatomy for gamers, animators and digital artists. 
3. Modeling the figure in Clay

These are for reference as I read & study each which promotes progress in my ability to sculpt figures. One I have read thru partially as it reminds me of what Richard Creager taught us when sculpturing legs , torso, arms, layering muscles etc. Good review for me to study again & remember that trip to Arizona via car. Studying anatomy is an element that all critics look at when jurying a figure...... what works versus what doesn't when changing the rules as an artist often does. 

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