Saturday, April 26, 2008

Last weekend

Last weekend was our automata workshop with NIADA artist Kathy Walmsely. It was wonderful & inspiring even though I have not finished mine as yet. It was very tiring with driving in the traffic on Friday. That along with a sleepless night took a mighty toll. 

The highlight was the fabulous birthday dinner & party arranged by my adopted daughters: Susan, Mary, Neva, and Trudi. They had this gathering at an Italian place nearby. They ordered PIZZA which I had never had at a birthday party. Mary baked a cake with the tallest, skinniest candle I've seen. Yep, managed to blow it out. : ) They had me wear this funny hat shaped like a cake with candles on top. It was hilariously funny as it was too small for my big head.LOL... 

There were cards & gifts, all of which overwhelmed me with their "generosity and love". What a warm surprise which brought forth tears of joy . I can never repay those involved for making my 75th day so memorable. 

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Susan said...

Happy Birthday! :)