Friday, September 19, 2008

After Ike

Here it is a week later. Ike came in like Gang Busters rattling all the trees in his path. The trees here are 100 yr. old oak, pine, 60+ yr. old pecan,Cedar, live oak, and maple. He uprooted the oldest & biggest pecan tree ,laid it down in the dry way crushing a security light & pole. Today I checked the security lamp bulb which was still in tactbut the housing was flattened. Can u imagine? It has been many days of cutting up the downed trees & getting them to the side of the road for county pick up. There is other damage but that will be taken care of in time. 

The water in the pictures of the previous post rose above the equipment ,then flooded the road called Market street Rd. The water then backed up onto I-10 ,flooding it & stranding several vehicles. This is one block from my house. The water rose to my corner & Mkt. St. was impassable on Sat. Pumps opened one lane so interstate traffic could be diverted to our small new bridge over that flooded bayou & park shown below.

It was hot as the power went off Fri. nite @ 9:15. The rest of the area went black at 11. There has not been power since then for others around me. I was w/o for 5 days. Praise Be when it came on as my feet touched the cool floor @ 6:41 a.m. Thurs.

It is so hard to keep track of time as each day was worrisome w/o any type of communications with the world outside my house. Those were the longest days of my life which I do not want to repeat. Food in the freezers spoiled & have been tossed. I cooked what I could on my gas stove.
More later.....

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