Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fabulous News!!!!!

Guess me insides are a bursting & hope that this doesn't burst my bubble of delight by posting it here! A letter arrived in a plain brown envelope like a paper sack brown which I happen to love! In this plain brown wrapper was a letter that invited me to attend the third & last stage of full artist membership in ODACA. WOWeeee ! U know at first it really didn't sink in but now after several days the impact has suddenly hit home base in this crazy noggin! Yes, I'm honored , excited, and wondering how I can manage the days til July 26 without having a heart attack!  : )

 Also am working on my latest gallery offering for the Artful Corner. They desire a Gourd figure so have it almost ready.... due next week. 

Then there is this 3 day workshop ahead starting Fri. EEEK ! Am I ready ? Hardly & yes , who knows? Is that confusing? Ok ,Ok, will post a pic soon if I remember how to get it into this machine!

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